A commitment to continuous improvement

More than 10,000 students of different nationalities have. Benefit from the free courses offer by the platform and more than 100 partial study scholarships have been provid. The platform is also committ to providing contemporary ucational services that keep pace with developments in the ucation field. Average. The Arab International Academy platform is officially register with the Unit States of America number and the Lebanese number and the UK number. The ready platform has obtain certificate records from all Arab and foreign embassies and the. Some Key Benefits and Aspects of Certification Improving the quality of products and services helps in improving the internal processes of an organization thereby improving the quality of products and services.

Improve customer satisfaction

Focus on meeting customer expectations Improve customer satisfaction by improving Belarus WhatsApp Number List product and service quality. Improving internal efficiency encourages the internal operations of an organization to become more efficient. Improve competitiveness Adopting international quality management standards can help improve competitiveness. Improv risk management helps to effectively understand and manage risk in terms of quality. Improve business relationships Enhance trust among the company’s customers and business partners. requires the organization to implement a continuous cycle of continuous improvement.

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Organizations can obtain

Certification through audits by accritation bodies to verify that their quality management Iran Telegram Number List systems meet the requirements of the standard. Requirements of Standards for Management of Educational Institutions There are no specific standards for the management of ucational institutions in the standards because the standards generally deal with quality management systems regardless of the type of industry or sector. However ucational institutions may adopt standards specific to the ucation sector. These standards include This is an international standard for quality management systems in ucational institutions.