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Also Walk You Through the Exact Process

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You’ll want to start with some inspiration. Skip down to the great social media marketing ideas for doctors below, or do your research by perusing accounts you enjoy. Hootsuite users can also talk to a robot — ahem, we mean use owl writer ai — to get those creative juices flowing.

Next, brainstorm some content pieces. Start with a few marketing pillars, like education, medical history, myth-busting, behind-the-scenes of your practice, or industry news. Jot down some ideas underneath each.

Posts should aim to inform, educate, or entertain and 20% should directly promote your brand.
Now, it’s time to pull together some posts. You can start creating and scheduling your posts in hootsuite with composer.

Navigate to Business Suite

Business and enterprise plan members can create posts from templates in composer’s content library. Be sure to take advantage of hootsuite’s other in-app creation tools. The best time to publish feature shows you exactly when you should schedule your content.
Plus, our fancy ai-powered b2b leads suggested hashtags mean you’ll never have to figure out your own again. You’re almost done building your social media plan! The next step is to create a social media content calendar to stay on point and on track.

Your content calendar is an overview of your tactics for the coming weeks and months. It should answer your content’s how, what, and where. You can plan your entire social media calendar within hootsuite.

Start Drafting Your Story

Hootsuite will also schedule your posts to publish automatically, taking a big time-suck off your plate. Once you’ve published some content, you’ll want to see how your plan is performing. Keep an eye on your performance metrics. You can use the social platform’s native data analytics or hootsuite to generate custom analytics reports.

Your data will tell you Business Lead whether or not your content is working to reach the smart goals you set in step 1. If it’s not, you’ll want to make some adjustments. Great social media marketing ideas for doctors. Ready for some inspo? Here are three ideas executed by doctors killing it (not literally) on social media!

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