Citizens have the same rights and obligations

Awareness of rights and responsibilities Understand civil and political rights Understand and enjoy basic rights. Fulfilling Duties and Responsibilities Citizens bear responsibilities to society and the country. The ability to think critically strengthens thinking skills The ability to evaluate information and make inform decisions. Participate in public dialogue with the ability to effectively express opinions and participate in discussions. Commitment to Civic Values ​​Integrity and Transparency Uphold integrity and transparency in transactions and relationships. Citizens committ to public service are willing to contribute to improving public conditions and serving society.

These components integrate

To form an active and responsible citizen in his society and country. Characteristics Georgia WhatsApp Number List of citizenship refer to the qualities or characteristics that characterize and define an individual’s role as a citizen of the nation. The following are some of the key features of citizenship. Equality before the law.  without discrimination before the law. Obey the Law Obey the Law Citizens must abide by the laws and regulations of society. Political Participation The right to vote and nominate to participate in electing governments and forming political structures. Civic Awareness Civic ucation provides an understanding of social and political issues and their impact on society. Fulfill duties and responsibilities committ to public service and participate in activities that benefit society. Personal freoms Fundamental freoms Rights of speech Freom of religion and freom of assembly.

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Participation in democratic processes

Participation in elections and referendums enhances participation in political Australia Telegram Number List decision-making. Commitment to National Values ​​A sense of belonging and loyalty to the homeland strengthens national identity and commitment to cultural values ​​and traditions. Social solidarity contributes to the improvement of social conditions and strives to improve the quality of life of society as a whole. Commitment to tolerance and respect for others Respect for diversity and human rights Commitment to work in a spirit of tolerance and respect for the rights of others.