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Creating New Content And Generating Leads

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A YML file according to the standard requirements of other services and it lacks important details for generating recommendations. Since data collection is of great importance for all further stages we carefully work out each point of integration. Immediately after installing the tracking codes our specialists check the correct operation of the scripts on  and completeness of the transmitted data. There are situations when codes are not placed on all pages not all events are tracked adds to the cart orders or not all products their properties and other important parameters are transmitted in the feed.

Most important parameters for generating

For our team this is a whole process where at each stage the correct installation of trackers and data transfer is monitored by specialists from account managers to Phone Number List technical support. This is what the part of our integration kanban board that each client goes through looks like How data sharing affects the quality of recommendations Integration check options During the integration we check main parameters. Let’s talk about the most important ones. Completeness of the commodity base The correctness and completeness of the transferred products and categories as well as their compliance with the products and categories on the site is one of the  recommendations.

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All pages as well as the quality

The product catalog transmitted via XML Feed must exactly match the site’s menu structure. For verification the manager selects a number of random products from different categories to make sure that the product is in the same Business Lead subcategories as on the website of the online store. In addition to the structure the number of products and categories in the file must match the number of products on the site. With the help of special reports we can track whether all products posted on the site are transferred in a YML file.

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