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Goleman also provides examples and case studies that illustrate how emotional intelligence plays a key role in building successful relationships and achieving success in life. Emotional intelligence has had a positive impact with great success in the field of ucation and personal development as it helps to emphasize the importance of understanding and developing the emotional side of the individual and how to benefit from it in all aspects of the individual. Life. The impact of emotional intelligence on our lives and those around us Emotional intelligence plays a significant role in determining how we interact with ourselves and others and greatly impacts our personal and social lives.

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Impacts of emotional intelligence on our lives and the people around China WhatsApp Number List us Improving relationships Emotional intelligence helps develop communication skills and understanding of other people’s feelings thereby increasing the ability to build healthy and positive relationships. It helps increase understanding and tolerance when dealing with friends and family. Improving Professional Performance Emotional intelligence plays an important role in real-world settings because it can have a positive impact on leadership and interactions with colleagues and clients. It improves a person’s ability to cope with challenges and stress in the workplace. Improving Mental Health Emotional Intelligence Increas awareness of personal feelings helps to better cope with psychological challenges and life stressors.

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To enhance mental health. intelligence helps in making better decisions because it Thailand Telegram Number List enables individuals to understand the impact of their feelings and emotions on the decision-making process. Promoting effective leadership Emotional intelligence helps develop leadership skills including a person’s ability to motivate and inspire others to understand their nes and motivate them. Improv Academic and Career Achievement Emotional intelligence helps improve an individual’s performance in academic and work areas because it increases commitment and motivation.