Do you remember your first impression

All these tests just frustrate me because there are no results repeat twice. I start thinking about it because it’s a big experimental field and it interests me and there’s a ne in the world. But my parents suggest becoming a dentist. To be honest I tri to imagine myself as a dentist without success it seem boring to me. I start looking for opportunities. I want to go into information resource management. But I feel like being a little further away from programming isn’t enough for the budget. The marketing is also good in my opinion. It’s hard for me to say what influenc my choice. I still don’t know what I want. That’s when I decid to take it and give it a try.

I’m glad it was my choice

My parents’ I can’t imagine how I would work as a dentist today. And I’m Malta WhatsApp Number List still passing the test Just now I have new results Producer Designer Director How did you move from professional to data Why in college we are train more as experts and internet marketers. But there are also various special courses. None of this resonat in my mind or soul. Then they start giving us database courses. I saw what it was and was curious. I thought if this topic really caught my attention why not go for a training and learn more. That said it all start with the idea that I will try if I am interest I will continue if not you can always stop. By the way I can say that this direction is relat to my major. Both marketing and programming require data.

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You could say I work professionally

I found myself thinking that I had been in the background since my first year? My impression is Kenya Telegram Number List that of a successful student or recent graduate starting his journey here. So at the beginning of the next year I decid to go there and apply for test training. At the time I didn’t even know what testing was I just decid to give it a try. But I was reject. They said the second course was too early. But I didn’t stray from my goal. Continuously monitor the training portal. I have always long to do something else besides studying in college. So every semester I invent another hobby for myself. Sometimes I went to study English and then I studi law. At some point this profession became Laba.