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10 Ways to Create Great TikTok Content

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 A lot of small or meium-size companies have to rely on their teams being mindful of what’s happening and spotting opportunities to incorporate the trend into their brand narrative. Pro tip: be careful about posting content that ties into current trends. If done without thought. It can come across as cynical or even offensive. Find a way to meaningfully link the trend to your brand story e.g. Illuminate your brand values. 5. Make it fun every platform has its own identity. Linkein is a professional network that’s generally aime at a b2b audience while facebook and instagram are more casual and friendly.

In comparison. Snapchat and tiktok

In comparison. Snapchat and tiktok revel in being seen as fun platforms. This is why you have to be careful when repurposing content. The content must be tweake to fit in with the target platform’s identity. Some brands are reluctant to engage with tiktok as they feel it doesn’t align with their brand. While others are creating self-effacing. Tongue-in-cheek content specifically for tiktok. Then you have a company like ryanair that embraces tiktok’s fun spirit with off-the-wall content that ties into their brand. 6. Be inspire by others to create quality content on tiktok. You nee to investigate what content is successful on the platform. See what brands are attracting the most followers and find out what you can learn from them. Don’t steal their ideas. Just be inspire by them

If something works for another brand

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If something works for another brand. Think about how you could put your spin on it. Also. Check out tiktok’s top ads library. Because it shows you what the top-performing ads are. Watch those ads. And be inspire by them. 7. Understand the algorithms tiktok’s algorithm considers several factors – such as a user’s previous interactions and device settings. Video details. Metadata. And category. Currently popular videos. And timeliness – when deciding what content to present to users. The algorithm aims to ensure that people see content that they’re most likely to engage with. This adds an element of serendipity to the tiktok user experience.

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