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How to dial the us from brazil

Calling Uncle Sam from Brazil: Your Guide to Dialing the US
Staying connected with family and friends in the United States from Brazil is easier than ever. Gone are the days of expensive international calling cards and confusing phone numbers. Here’s a breakdown of how to dial the US from Brazil, covering the necessary codes and dialing sequence.

Making the Call:

The dialing process for calling the US from Brazil involves a specific sequence of numbers:

Exit Code: The first step is to dial the exit code for Brazil, which is “011”. This code instructs your phone carrier that you’re placing an international call.
Country Code: Next, dial the country code for the United States, which is “1”. This code identifies the destination country for your call.

Area Code: Following the country code

you’ll need to dial the area code for the specific city or region in the US you’re calling. Area codes are typically 3 digits. You can find the area code by searching online or referring to phone directories.

Local Phone Number:

Finallydial the local phone number of the person you’re trying to reach in the US. This is typically a 7-digit number.
Putting it Together:

Here’s an example of how the US Cell Phone Numbers: Format, How to Get One, and How to Call complete dialing sequence would look:

To call a friend in New York City (area code 212), the number would be: 011 1 212 XXX XXXX (Replace XXXX with your friend’s local phone number).
Additional Tips:

Mobile vs. Landline: The dialing

process remains the same for calling mobile and landline numbers in the US from Brazil.
International Calling Plans: Consider international calling plans offered by your Brazilian phone carrier. These Google Photos can be used in this way plans can be cost-effective if you call the US frequently.
Mobile Apps: Explore mobile apps like WhatsApp, Viber, or Rebtel for free calls between users on the same platform.

These apps often offer competitive

rates for calls to non-users in the US.
Double-Check the Number: Before placing the call, ensure you have the correct phone number, including the area code, to avoid reaching the wrong person.

Connection Fees: Be aware

that your Brazilian phone carrier might charge connection fees for international calls, even with a calling plan.
Time Difference: The US has several time zones, so factor in the time difference when calling someone in the US from Brazil.

By following these steps and keeping

these tips in mind, you can easily dial the US from Brazil and stay connected with loved ones across the border. Now, pick up your phone and start chatting.

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