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LinkedIn Marketing How to Generate

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Products The Eldorado store promotions page attracts like a magnet. There are so many special offers that every buyer will surely find something suitable for himself. Both in the desktop and mobile versions of the site, the same algorithm works here – customers are offered bestsellers (the most popular products) with discounts. Promotions page Don’t Forget the Recommendations on the 404 Page When it comes to product recommendations, the 404 error page is unfairly overlooked. But after all, even if the buyer got to a non-existent page, he can make a relevant offer, which, perhaps, will serve as a reason to move to the next stage of the Customer Journey.

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IN the usual desktop version of the Eldorado website, new visitors are offered collections of bestsellers that have interested other visitors to the store. And already familiar customers are shown product recommendations based on their behavior and preferences. In the Hungary Mobile Number List mobile version, the algorithm is different – here the client sees only personal offers, taking into account the information available about him. Page 404 results Through the use of different online merchandising strategies on different devices, we were able to achieve the following results: The conversion of visitors using recommendation blocks is 13% higher than the average on the site.

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The average check of visitors using recommendation blocks is 12% higher than the average on the site. Project comments Why it is important to use different merchandising strategies on desktop and mobile: Eldorado case “Our network is successfully developing the ONE Business Lead Retail model by offering a seamless experience to offline and online shoppers. We regularly look for opportunities to grow key indicators in the online direction, which is effectively supported by the retail network. This year, the monthly traffic of our site has increased one and a half times, and the share of site visits from mobile.

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