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It Is Necessary to Continue with the

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Cioran entitl “Encounters with Suicide.” Let us remember: “The obsession with suicide is typical of someone who can neither live nor die. and whose attention never deviates from this double impossibility.” (Cioran. 2012. p. 52). This statement. in the end. describes Cioran himself. He always liv with that idea. let’s say. between his eyebrows. And strangely. he said that the idea of ​​suicide had help him deal with existence. He once made it known to Gabriel Liiceanu. when they were discussing the topic in the last interview he gave: «(…) the only sure way to endure life is the idea of ​​suicide. The idea that taking one’s own life is within reach. that we can commit suicide whenever we want. can be of great help. At least. it help me (…). Cioran’s fascination with Buddhism appears here and there in his work.

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And in The fateful demiurgeis express in “The Unliberat”. penultimate of the texts gather there. The search for extinction – Nirvana – which Buddha spreads as a way out of the pain of existence. his final exhortation to work for salvation. that is. to strive to achieve detachment until the appetite for existence is extinguish. that feverish desire that chains man to the wheel of births and deaths. constitutes a doctrine that Cioran rescues and business email list assimilates into his vision. It is the motive that in this part of the work directs his mitation. Consciousness has a paradoxical condition: in its extreme manifestation it transforms into lucidity. And it is that lucidity that makes it possible to notice the emptiness of existence. its lack of foundation and substance.

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But it is this same state that would lead the one who has manag to grasp the depth of this parodic fiction to get rid of the last embers of being that are entrench in what is perhaps the greatest and most pathetic illusion: the illusion of the self. that is. that is. the same consciousness. The self. in effect. is the burden that is carri on one’s back and that ultimately Business Lead submerges man in the sea of ​​everyday things and gestures. of expectations and projects. in the domains of subjugating desire and excessive desire. to continue living. Not only The path to get rid of this illusion is the same one that Buddha point out: the experience of emptiness; Cioran says of it.

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