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Top Network Marketing Companies Marketing DEAD

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Welcome chain of the online store Service dissatisfaction Service is an important part of the customer experience. Even if the product turned out to be of excellent quality, many things can spoil the impression of the purchase: insufficient or untimely information about the status of the order, an impolite courier or call-center operator, a discrepancy between the declared delivery times, etc. This does not mean that we expect top-level service from any company: we calmly collect goods from IKEA ourselves, and we do not wait for a waiter at McDonald’s. In each specific case, we expect to receive a service corresponding to the level of the company and our expectations.

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When we get more, we are happy and ready to recommend the company to friends, and in case of non-compliance with expectations for the worse, we refuse further cooperation. The winners are only those who are able to provide their customers with at least the expected level Egypt Mobile Number of service, and better – exceeding expectations. Solution: Constantly work on a retention strategy and increase customer loyalty; Measure key customer service quality indicators, including the NPS (Net Promoter Score) index; Monitor the promptness of responses to incoming customer requests, using this data to optimize internal processesCase “Red Pencil.

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Conducting NPS surveys Evaluation of customer satisfaction and loyalty will allow you to always be aware of what shop customers like and what, in their opinion, needs improvement. The NPS index allows you to assess the level of customer satisfaction after interacting Business Lead with the company, and this is exactly the kind of mailing that buyers of the Red Pencil online store of goods for creativity receive: NPS survey Loss of brand loyalty Unfortunately, many companies lose the loyalty of their customers over time. The reasons may be different. Perhaps the client simply stopped understanding the advantages of your products or services compared to competitors.

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