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At the end of August, I successfully pass the first interview in my life. But then I doubt my ability to combine studies at university and training center so I declin the offer. Later I discover that many students did well by combining training with university studies. When I pass the exam and receiv my English teaching diploma that summer I contact the recruiter at the training center again. She pass the interview month and start the external training month and transferr to the internal laboratory. Software Test Engineer After graduating from college I taught English at a private school for four years. But I knew that wasn’t what I want to do at all.

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The industry and finally in 2010 I decid to give it a try. I learn testing theory independently and found a job as a remote assessment tester. It was inde a rewarding experience. First I realiz that testing Israel WhatsApp Number List was the direction I want to develop. Secondly I gain valuable skills and learn about many testing tools. I didn’t enjoy freelancing from home so after six months I decid it was time to leave. At that time, an acquaintance told me that training was available, so I appli and enter the training center. Senior Software Test Engineer I graduat with a major in Theoretical and Appli Linguistics. Study of foreign languages ​​and their linguistic characteristics.

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Not surprisingly we have subjects like Humanities

Science Basics and even a little bit. This knowlge really came in handy when I was Russia Telegram Number List preparing for my interview at the training centre. I have always lik English and hope it can help me work but not be the main means of making money. Where to find it inside! After my friend told me about the training center, I decid to sign up. I have been working for almost four years now. What it takes to be a tester Julia is of course a desire to learn and learn new things. The field is evolving rapidly so the most important thing is not to stand still.