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This is amazing Here are just a lot of customers

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IT would be more accurate to speak not about the characteristics. Of import-substituting IT projects which for obvious reasons will differ. But about changing approaches to their implementation.  The first and partly the second the creation and development of the. IT infrastructure of which is regulated by the current legislation in the field of procurement and. Other by-laws have already begun to engage in import substitution since. At least they have begun to take the first steps. Commercial organizations free from the need to comply with the requirements. Of regulators and having money to purchase products chosen by themselves did not even look towards domestic manufacturers.

Especially those just starting import substitution

At the moment when the use of foreign automation tools is very difficult import substitution has acquired one might say an applied character and has become in demand literally everywhere. First of all I want to note that the very nature of the requests coming from our A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers customers has changed. If earlier they were interested in the possibility of spot replacement of infrastructure components. For example spot replacement of imported switches with domestic ones in the existing infrastructure  today they come. With the need to build an integrated IT system based on the stack of Russian technologies with a guarantee of its uninterrupted functioning.

phone number list,

When they get acquainted with these lists panic

IM other words to implement a complex turnkey project including design supply commissioning migration technical support services. And the number of such requests in the current market realities is growing exponentially. Thus we can say that the transition to Business Lead import substitution is no longer opportunistic but is becoming more conscious. We all know that having announced a course towards import substitution the state in addition to adopting legislative acts created registers of domestic goods and software and the . IT products included in them should be widely used for the implementation oF IT projects.

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