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IN The Face Of A Severe Shortage Of Personnel

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How to set up your VPN The main disadvantage of free and commercial VPN services is that they see all user traffic that passes through them. Many of them publicly state that they do not store or distribute this information but there is no guarantee of this. In addition thirdparty services may have restrictions on the number of connected devices and connection speed. To avoid these restrictions and remain anonymous users can create a VPN server themselves. To do this first of all you need to rent a virtual server from a hosting provider. Previously it was possible to use the services of foreign providers Amazon Web Services DigitalOcean and others. After the start of the special military operation in Ukraine Amazon Web Services banned the registration of accounts from Russia.

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IN addition it is now difficult to pay for foreign services due to the limitation of transactions through Visa and MasterCard. However you can pay for their services if you have a bank card from a foreign issuing bank and you can create an Amazon account by temporarily Jamaica Mobile Number List using the services of commercial VPN services. Now the most affordable way to create your own VPN server is to rent it from a Russian hosting provider that has servers abroad. Among them are VDSina FirstByte RuVDS and PQHosting.

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The procedure in each of them is the same as an example we will consider the FirstByte service and we use Windows to install the server. After registering on the site in your personal account select Virtual servers among the services click Order; Among the data centers Business Lead select the option not in Russia. You can navigate by distance the closer to Russia the higher the connection speed Frankfurt is a priority and cost. Choose a tariff the most budgetary of them is suitable for creating a VPN; In the next window specify any domain select the Ubuntu operating system.

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