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Spend a lot of money to hire a gunman

Since everyone started staying at home and taking online classes, many people must have felt that their learning efficiency is not high and they don’t even have the mood to do their homework. In addition, in recent years, the trend of college students paying “gunmen” to help write has become more and more rampant.


These professional ghostwriters

Are specially designed to complete tasks for college students who don’t want to write papers or assignments. Their fees are of course not France Phone Number List cheap, generally between RM100-RM300, and I heard that they also include a pass.

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So are the Assignment Helpers as good

As everyone says? Recently, a Malaysian netizen posted an anonymous article on the Facebook page “UTAR Confessions” on social media, asking everyone not to trust Assignment Helpers! He said that he believed an advertisement of a xxxxx meme earlier and went to find an Assignment Helper to do his assignment for him. He thought he could get an A, but he didn’t expect to get a “FAIL” in the end !


The poster admitted that he was very excited and confident when he submitted the assignment, but he didn’t expect the teacher to reject it and ask him to do it again! Later, the poster was so angry that he planned to give feedback to the Belgium Phone Number List assignment helper, but he didn’t expect the other party to read it and didn’t reply, and saw him! The poster later said that not only did he not get an A or a slightly worse grade, but he had to do it again by himself, and he also spent hundreds of dollars, “as a lesson learned.” Therefore, he warned everyone not to trust these gunmen again.

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