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The company knows nothing about technology

The netizen works for a medium-sized law firm. Since the boss of, he recruited the netizen to transfer the piles of digital files, photos, etc. that the firm receives every day to the cloud system.

“I quickly realized that this was the only task they wanted me to complete in 8 hours, but it was by no means an 8-hour job, so I spent most of my time in the office pretending to work,” the poster said.

The outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic

and the popularity of working from Belgium Phone Number List home gave him an opportunity to slack off .


He spent about a week at home writing a script that could automate this job. With the help of the script, his daily work process at home is as follows:

Punch in to work → Play games/do anything → Spend 10 minutes checking the log → Punch out

Fishing and playing games

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To be honest, this is so enviable!

The post received more than 80,000 views and nearly 5,000 comments in just five days, sparking heated discussions. Some netizens expressed envy, but others questioned whether the poster felt guilty.

He admitted that “I did feel guilty for a while”, but he eventually convinced himself that after all, he had completed the assigned work on time and he could Australia Phone Number List enjoy his life, and as long as everyone was happy, it was a win-win situation.

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