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The milk quickly curdles

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The milk quickly curdles. Now there are about . million active users per month. About of this audience is currently subscribe to various channels. The growth potential of both the audience itself and the channel audience is great. For advertisers, Telegram can be the cheapest and highest quality source of leads , traffic and awareness the average publication coverage is from to of subscribers , CTR from to . Who benefits from using it? Portals , online stores. What to advertise? Products on the website , communities in other social networks. New advertising options on Twitter . Targeting by emoticons. Now , in addition to keywords.

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Geodata and other things , marketers will be able. To take into photo editing servies account the emotional reactions of the audience. According to Twitter representatives , this type of targeting opens up unique opportunities that were previously not available to advertisers , allowing them to understand the emotional background of each specific user and his attitude towards this or that content. Emoji targeting is available from official social network sellers such as Ad Parlor , Amoeba , HYFN , Perion , SocialCode or °C. Who benefits from using it? Cafes , restaurants , beauty salons , because often girls who.

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Go for a manicure , put a manicure emoticon. In their tweets along with the mention Business Lead of the master , and food lovers use food them emoticons in their tweets when. They write which establishment they are going to they went today. What to advertise? Services , promotional offers. First View advertising format. The advertising video is display in. The most advantageous position within hours after its placement , on all types of devices. In addition , simultaneously with the video being shown, users will be offer trending topics in the appropriate section that are relevant to the content of the video.

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