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I wouldn’t compare to base languages ​​such as Look at people who do what you like to do. People you want to learn from. Observe their daily lives in social networks that mimic their experiences and activities. Listen to yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself. After college I realiz that there is no right or wrong in adult life with achievement goals. The most important thing is to know what you really want. I’m still learning to recognize what I like and what I’m interest in doing. Try new ones. When I was filming a video about university studies on my blog, a department dean at Beihai University said a wonderful thing. During university studies, students must do three things, get a license, learn to type quickly and participate in an exchange program. I would add and participate in hackathons because it is the most effective and easiest way to try yourself in the field.

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How quickly they go from idea to finish product. Has your attitude chang? During my studies I didn’t even consider the option of going elsewhere. Seems like a great place to get your first job out of college. I really like it here. I saw a lot of new things and I got us to the company’s rules. I’ve been working here for almost three years and I can say I still don’t fully understand the company. There is a lot to learn to understand and discover. I like it. Our Malaysia WhatsApp Number List colleague join the team during his junior year of college. two years of experience as a data visualization engineer on a project for a large European client and has big plans for the future. In Hannah’s interview on how to know yourself, not make mistakes when choosing a major and make the most of your student career.

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How did you decide on your major

Basically everything was going great in school. I suffer a lot with this and it was hard to UK Telegram Number List keep everything I lov in one direction. For example, I play in theater for five years, sang, danc, play sports, and lov languages. I have been interest in photography and videography since school. Even when I tell stories I always show pictures and videos to visualize everything I’m talking about. I love digitizing analog content and converting it to digital format. The interesting thing is that I finally chose a major call digital marketing. She pass various tests in order to better understand herself. I’ve work in journalism somewhere, in management somewhere and even as a flight attendant somewhere probably because of my love of travel.