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Water depth, sunlight, and lighting angle are both factors. Lightly interacting water molecules and organic siments play an important role in the interaction of light because light is bent and reflect by these molecules which helps determine the color of the ocean. Sometimes seawe can make water appear different shades of color. Geographic Factors Seawater color varies by geographic region Siments and varying concentrations of organic matter play a role in water coloration. Water near coastal areas may take on other colors due to environmental influences. Seawater Composition Seawater is a complex mixture of substances and elements that have form over the years.

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The main component of seawater is water, which accounts for the main proportion Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List of seawater components. Salts Seawater contains high concentrations of salts. The most common salts are chlorine and sodium. These salts come from geological processes and chemical reactions with rock materials. Gases Seawater contains a group of gases such as oxygen nitrogen and carbon dioxide.  support of marine life. Chemical elements Seawater contains a variety of chemical elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, etc. These elements are essential for the growth of marine life and chemical processes in the water. Solid Elements Seawater contains suspend solid particles such as clay siments and organic matter.

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Tints and transparency effects. Marine Life Seawater contains a variety of Germany Telegram Number List marine life, from tiny bacteria to large marine life such as whales. These organisms help determine the composition of water and its impact on the environment. The interaction of these components creates a rich and balanc marine ecosystem that plays a vital role in supporting marine life and influencing weather and climate. Why sea water is blue Sea water pollution Sea water pollution poses a major challenge to the marine environment and public health.