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Finally it is important to practice storytelling often so that your child becomes familiar with the art of storytelling. Make sure your story is age-appropriate Knowing your audience is important when writing stories for children. Ages range from six months to ten years so it’s important to make sure your story is age appropriate. For example if you are writing a story for a six month old baby you may not include complex lines or detailed illustrations. Conversely if you are writing a story for a 12-year-old child you may want to include a more complex plot and illustrations. It’s also important to know what makes a good children’s book.

Reading a lot of children’s books is a great

Way to learn what works for readers and what doesn’t. Finally it’s important to Vietnam Phone Number Data define your story before you start writing.  of the plot and ensure the story flows smoothly. Incorporating an element of fun and imagination When telling stories to children it is important to understand their interests and what makes them happy. By understanding your audience you can add fun and imaginative elements to keep them engaged. One way to do this is to create a story that contains elements they are familiar with.

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 If your child loves animals tell

A story about a brave lion. If your child is in a car tell him a story about a race between a car and Hong Kong Whatsapp Number a train. Another way to engage children is to use creative prompts. For example, tell them to write a story about a day at school or a party they attended. This will help them develop writing skills and learn how to structure a story. By following these tips you’ll be able to write stories that your children will both entertain and learn! Make Stories Engaging It’s important as a parent or teacher to find ways to keep stories interesting to your children. By using pictures and illustrations you can help tell the story in a fun and exciting way.