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Do you ne the phrases and expressions of the century? You don’t speak Tolstoy and Dostoevsky in Russian. Stop choosing from multiple series. Believe it or not, writers also have a limit vocabulary. They have a set of favorites. Phrases and transitions so listening to a few books will be much easier. In addition, you will get us to the reality of the fictional world, remember the attributes and characteristics of the characters, immerse yourself in the twists and turns of the plot, and start listening to the book for its own sake instead of listening to the book for its own sake. Purely for profit. Choose thrillers If hearing is not your strongest feature. Many people note that it is not easy to listen to books in your native language. Then you will periodically fall into the world of dreams and fantasies.

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Books with suspenseful plots, detective novels, thrillers, dystopian novels and fantasy novels are all good choices. What to avoid when choosing audiobooks Poor reading and poor sound quality Books should Portugal WhatsApp Number List be an aesthetic pleasure rather than a gimmicky torture. Complex Classical Literature If you are not a real fan of such literary languages ​​and eras then classics are not your first choice. Practice modern literary techniques before diving into centuries and earlier. Philosophy and Abstract Literature In audio format you often don’t have enough time to delve into philosophy. So is it worth listening to if you don’t have the means to listen? Popular English audiobooks voic by Anna Reva Please note that this list is suitable for people with a minimum English language level of Intermiate.

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Harry Potter book read by Jim Dale

Books about the adventures of wizard Harry Potter and his friends Ron Estonia Phone Number List Weasley and Hermione Granger. Twilight book by Ilyana Kadushin. -old girl who falls in love with her vampire classmate. This audiobook series is worth listening to for the same reasons Harry Potter is a great read with hours of listening time in each part. Shopaholic series of books. A series of books about the adventures of shopaholic Becky Bloomwood. Shopaholic is an easy-to-understand comy with a fun vocabulary and pleasant voice acting.