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We decide to create a website so that customers

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We decid to create a website so that customers could order products from their homes. And thus platanitos was born not because of the ne for a website. But as part of the solution to the logistical problem we had in the stores. From the web to e-lockers we had no advertising to promote the website. Those who enter the stores and were regular customers found out. In addition to the website we have a call center that answers calls chats social networks from clients who already know us therefore advertising continu to be word of mouth. A slow way to grow. Then we launch e-lockers to provide our customers with immiacy for order pickup.

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We define this because of online sales customers prefer to pick up their products in stores. Although we deliver at home at no cost. With e-lockers locat in safe and high-density areas such as parking lots gas stations banking agencies – mostly open hours mobile app development service a day – the customer receives a notification when their order is available for pickup. Despite all this outdoor and mass mia advertising the web the call center the e-lockers the positioning remain the same platanitos women’s shoe store with physical stores. Expansion to other categories with the website we began to expand categories in addition to our.

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Own brand women’s footwear we had men’s shoes clothing accessories and we began to expand to school supplies toys and suitcases. People ask us ‘why do you expand into products that are not fashion and are not in your core business ‘ for platanitos Business Lead toys are also fashion because it allows children to express what they like what they want. Likewise the school supplies the suitcases. From the beginning platanitos enter the market not to sell shoes but to solve the fashion problem. At first it was importing shoes from china and selling

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