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Linguistics at Shandong University in the winter of this year. I remember sitting in a cold auditorium during a lecture trying to listen to the teacher but I was preoccupi with the same question what’s next. I have no intention of working in a school or teaching at a university nor do I want to work as a translator. I can’t imagine a bachelor doing anything more than knowlge of English. One time a friend of mine was in training to become a developer and he told me about a training center where you could learn a new career for free. I was particularly pleas that the company was interest in candidates who knew English.

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My abilities at the time but I decid to give it a try. I contact the recruiter and Hungary WhatsApp Number List receiv the materials to prepare for the test training. At the end of August, I successfully pass the first interview in my life. But then I doubt my ability to combine studies at university and training center so I declin the offer. Later I discover that many students did well by combining training with university studies.  teaching diploma that summer I contact the recruiter at the training center again. She pass the interview month and start the external training month and transferr to the internal laboratory.

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Software Test Engineer After graduating from college

I taught English at a private school for four years. But I knew that wasn’t what I want to do Australia Phone Number List at all. I had long dream of entering the industry and finally in 2010 I decid to give it a try. I learn testing theory independently and found a job as a remote assessment tester. It was inde a rewarding experience. First I realiz that testing was the direction I want to develop. Secondly I gain valuable skills and learn about many testing tools. I didn’t enjoy freelancing from home so after six months I decid it was time to leave. At that time, an acquaintance told me that training was available, so I appli and enter the training center.