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Issues relat to the environment and sustainability have become one of the most prominent issues of concern to many individuals and societies around the world. We all must take responsibility for the environment and work to protect the planet for future generations. In this context recycling is emphasiz as an effective way to help conserve natural resources and ruce the negative impact of waste on the environment. Definition of Recycling Recycling is the process of converting recyclable waste materials into new products. The process is design to ruce the consumption of natural resources and ruce the amount of waste that is dispos of in sanitary landfills or becomes a source of environmental pollution.

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Recyclable materials, sorting them and converting them into raw materials that Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List can be us to make new products. Types of Recycling Recycling is the process of converting reusable waste materials into new products. It includes many different types depending on the type of recycl material. Below are some common types of recycling paper recycling from offices, schools and households to collect waste paper. Waste paper is convert into pulp and us to produce new paper. Plastic recycling collects plastic bottles bags and other plastic products.  and convert into plastic pellets to be reus in making new products. Glass recycling collects us glass from bottles and glassware. Transform glass into new molds to produce new glass products.

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Metal recycling collects aluminum iron

Copper and other metals. to make new products. Aluminum recycling collects us aluminum India Telegram Number List cans such as food and drink cans. Aluminum is melt and pour into new molds to produce aluminum products. Electronic equipment recycling E-waste includes the collection and recycling of discard electronic equipment such as mobile phones and computers. Valuable materials such as gold and silver are recover from these devices. Organic waste recycling Organic waste such as food and plants is collect and convert into organic fertilizer. Furniture recycling takes discard or old furniture and turns it into new products or recycles its materials.