Who ensures the quality of the product

The role of a tester in a project is to check the results of the work of the entire team of developers, systems engineers, business analysts. In particular, it checks whether the application develop by the programmer meets the requirements plac on it. In other words, the tester is a qualifi universal warrior. He must understand not only how the various parts of the program work but also how the system as a whole behaves; and how changes in one module affect the entire application. An equally important task of the tester is to understand and evaluate the requirements of the application from the perspective of its implementation possibilities. Can you go into more detail.

Let’s imagine a hypothetical situation

Our team is developing an application aim at sales. Our app will have a shopping cart Netherlands WhatsApp Number List where the user should be able to add products. How to tell if the implement module meets our expectations How to understand if the user can actually add items to the cart Additionally the user must be able to pay for the product so we must interact with a third party service that allows payment. How to Ensure Successful Interactions This is just one shopping cart scenario and there should be more. This is the best part about being a tester. Examples in life Everyone has scissors at home. Their main function is to divide a fabric or paper object into two parts.

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This is the expect behavior of our system

By turning off the scissor blades we can get the true behavior of the system. If the scissors Canada Telegram Number List are shipp from the factory without cutting paper but simply creating folds then they are not performing their function and therefore the actual behavior of the system is not as expect. Who is a Tester A tester is a person  being develop. It compares requirements and implement applications to compare their deviations. It can test either the entire system or a small part of it. Definitions and Terminology So we move on to review the basic concepts us in software testing. Surprisingly we start our review with the question what is software testing.