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Did you know that the biography of a website is one of the most visited pages by users? It’s funny, but your biography, also called about me page, will be ahead of even many of your SEO-optimized articles. Your bio does not have to be SEO optimized. Then you will ask yourself ‘what is one of the most visited?’. Simply, users will come to your bio from other pages out of curiosity to know who the person is behind that web content. I know that writing and talking about yourself can be very challenging. Therefore, in this post I want to tell you how to write your biography on your website, based on the importance of an about us page .

Why and what to

Write in a biography? Think that your main objective when writing a short or extensive biography for your website is to connect with the audience, for which you must provide information that shows you exactly who you are. Whether your biography really speaks for itself will depend on your creativity and transparency when conveying your story and the purpose that moves you. Here is a brief summary of the minimum that you must contribute and include in your bio. Taking all this into account is how you will be able to connect with your audience. And what does this connection imply? Well, you will capture leads and many will contact you.

How to write a biography

Before I start giving you instructions on how to write. Your biography, I want the first thing you do. Is think about who your ideal client is, since. This is who you have to think about when shaping the content to write your biography. staff. These are the steps that I always follow to write a compelling biography that manages to attract the attention of thousands of users: Include your updated, high-resolution photo The text is key, but a quality photo of yourself that accompanies the text will have more effects on the reader than if you do not use any or if you use a stock photo. People want to know who you really are, they want to get to know you and this is a good way to connect emotionally with your reader to build trust.

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