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It doesn’t matter if you take a brand that has been on. Social networks for a long time, or you are going to start using social networks for the first time. A brand only grows on the Internet in its social networks if it works with strategy, with care, with affection, and with time. Managing a company’s social networks means making it grow little by little, with care, with the means available (be careful, they are not always the ones we would like), to achieve the objectives set in Social Media . Example of being a good community manager Now, I give you a real job on how to run social networks and make them grow, from scratch.

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Designed in advance to achieve the objective proposed in each of them, and thus in each of the social networks. Thus, running a brand’s social networks on the Internet is much more. The job of the community manager is much more. They are an accumulation of knowledge , experiences , skills and tasks that define you as a good social media professional . Empathize with the public Every community manager has to get under the skin of the brand, know what their audience needs and give it to them on social networks. The question is not what you need, but what they demand from you and that they tell you openly. To do this you have to listen a lot and talk less. Sincerity in social networks If you lie in real life you will get caught sooner or later.

Well in social networks

If you are a community manager and you lie, they will catch you right away. Someone will have taken a screenshot, and your lie will be circulating all over the networks in a short period of time. Therefore, I recommend that if you are a community manager, have sincerity as your flag. That generates trust and empathy. Look for engagement, not followers Interaction is key in all social networks if you want to grow.

Tell him you don’t want a lot of followers just because you have a number. If they don’t do anything with what we do, they are of no use, and you will be wasting your time. Go on the hunt for real active followers who participate in your content on Social Media.

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