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A/B test: how they work and why they are essential

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A/b test: how they work and why they are. Essential if you want to maximize conversions on your site, there’s a great method to follow: a/b tests. Find out how to do them and what mistakes you should avoid. The a/b test, or split test, is an indispensable tool in the baggage of every web marketing officer. It’s an optimization technique that allows you to test two versions. An original and a modifi one – of a web page or an advertisement, to determine the one that works best in conversions. Although it is a fundamental tool for measuring and optimizing. Online performance, it is too often underestimat and few understand how to best use it. In this article we want to explain, by thread and sign,

What is an A/B test?

What are the most common mistakes to Latest Database  avoid and, dulcis in the fundo, recommend two tools to start testing. What is an a/b test? Test-ab-definizione as we explain at the beginning. The a/b test is an experimental technique in which two versions . A and b, precisely – of an element are shown to a group of users in the same time frame. At the end of the test, the best version.  The one that got the best performance compar to the goals you set yourself – is chosen and us as a final version. The great thing about the a/b test is that it can be us in any field . Of online marketing: website, landing pages, advertising campaigns . On google adwords or on social mia, email marketing; you can test as many items as you want and see what works best.

How to perform an A/B test?

Read on to find out how to set it up, what are the Business Lead steps to follow. We’ll also tell you a couple of tools to start doing your a/b tests, one free and the other for a fee. Light your own brand. Let’s talk about it! Imageimage how to perform an a/b test? Step 1: choose the goal the first thing you ne to do is set a concrete goal: do you want to increase conversions on your site? Do you want users to spend more time on your pages? You choose yourself. Obviously the possibilities are more than two, it is up to you to make an accurate assessment. For each objective, the elements to be test will be different .And reason in this perspective.  To increase conversions, for example, you could test different variants . 

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