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Significant increase in revenue on the main page by . in the product card by . in the basket by . . An old friend is better than two new ones tips for creating an effective loyalty program . Segment your customer base to build the right communication with each group Shoppers will spend more money on the online stores they like. Approximately of customers regularly recommend their favorite retailers to their friends. Therefore one of the main tasks of an online retailer is to make communication convenient and useful for each customer. It is very important to divide buyers into different groups and build an Internet marketing strategy.

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Taking into account the key features of each of them. One way is RFM segmentation. RFM analysis R – recency F – frequency M – monetary of the customer base allows you to distribute subscribers into segments depending on how long ago and how often they Australia Mobile Number List made purchases as well as on the amount of the order. The introduction of RFM segmentation allowed a large Omni channel retailer of electronics and household appliances to increase the number of repeat orders by. times. An old friend is better than two new ones tips for creating an effective loyalty program. Offer your most loyal customers VIP status The status of the loyalty program gold silver bronze etc.

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Enhances the customer’s sense of self-worth which favorably affects his impression of the brand. For most customers a multi-level loyalty system is a good motivation to shop more often in an online store. According to statistics of users are ready to buy more Business Lead products in order to move to a higher level in the loyalty program. But do not stop only at the system of discounts or bonus points. For example Sephora additionally provides VIP clients with invitations to private events visits to make-up workshops the opportunity to choose a birthday gift and other pleasant privileges.