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EPL for projects related to digital innovations is extremely important. At the moment laws on EPR projects have been adopted to develop the following technological innovations: medical activities telecommunications design production and operation of highly automated vehicles including drones and unmanned vehicles provision of transport and logistics services organization of transport services sale of goods works and services remotely. One of the key problems of a global nature is finding a balance between profit and privacy. This is especially true for personal data of citizens that are at the disposal of banks telecom operators medical institutions and retailers.

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IN Russia this problem in modern realities has received a new color. It is possible that the timely approval of the preliminary standard for the development of mobile applications – which stipulates that all personal data of users must be stored in Russia the absence of Germany Mobile Number List critical vulnerabilities etc. would guarantee a greater level of protection for Russian users due to the suspension of the activities of Apple and Google in the Russian Federation as well as the unavailability of the App Store and Google Play. Elena Antoshechkina EOS: International experience has a very strong influence on the domestic IT standardization industry.

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This is explained by the fact that traditionally the development of the IT industry comes from the West while we mostly consume the result. And either we localize and adapt it to our needs or we accept and adopt it in its purest form. In a world that is prone to Business Lead globalization and end-to-end interaction including in the field of IT communications and services this approach is justified. And why invent what has already been invented waste energy time and other resources make mistakes already committed by someone. It may be more effective to use a ready-made result suitable for the intended purpose of the application. Guided by this logic when developing standards EOS gave preference to the harmonization method.