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A website is prepared for very specific purposes

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company sells and those who return confirm that they made the best decision when considering it as their supplier of goods or services. Making the website complicat and busy leads to the user spending more time trying to figure out how to get what they are looking for instead of enjoying the architecture of the page. If this does not  happen, the visitor may interpret that thece sacrificing many visits, so it is important to take care of these details so that our clients reach us easily. Learning to analyze the results we find to improve our services and the digital proposals we have is very useful. Our website is our business card and we must take care of it because, as in many cases, the first impression is what counts. RESPONSIVE DESIG

According to Google, responsive design,

According to Google, responsive design, also known as responsive web design, is a setup where the server always sends the same HTML code to all devices and CSS is us to change the rendering of the page on the device . Google algorithms should automatically find these settings Business Database if all Googlebot user-agents are allow to explore the page and its elements (images, CSS, and JavaScript). Through responsive design, the same code adapt to the screen size is sent to all devices. To learn how to use the meta tag name=»viewport» , which tells the browser

we recommend consulting this Google article

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ow the content should adapt, we recommend consulting this Google article: Responsive web design As for the reasons why to use responsive design, here are some: Provide a single URL so users can share and link content. to maintain multiple pages of the same content. It ruces the possibility   Business Lead  of the typical errors that affect most mobile sites. Loading time is rXuc because users do not neto be rXirectto the device-optimizXiew. Improves crawl efficiency and saves resources when Googlebot scans the website.

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