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Analytics and improves its efficiency makes it possible to block new malicious code almost instantly and spees up the sandbox. Another endpoint mitigation technology is FortieR response automation. It can detect malware not only at the penetration stage but also after it has settle in the system. The results of independent tests showe that only FortieR demonstrate the ability to block all attacks performe in the defense test without any prior tuning. In most companies the level of information security is far from ideal said Ekaterina Syurtukova head of the business development department of Solar Integration Rostelecom-Solar.

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According to her the process of building information security consists of several stages: audit and strategy development technology stack implementation operation and timely adaptation performance monitoring and development. She talke about how each of these List of US Mobile Phone Numbers stages should be organize. So when implementing technologies one should focus on solutions that can provide comprehensive protection against all types of attacks and carefully evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of implementing measures. At the same time one should try to evaluate not individual technologies but the prospects for a comprehensive solution.

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To the clouds the emergence of DevOps tools

After the solution is implemente it is very important to constantly monitor new threats and new vulnerabilities take into account changes in infrastructure information systems business processes and role models install updates in a timely manner continuously Business Lead improve the efficiency of the information security system and control the integrity and security of configurations. As an example Ekaterina Syurtukova spoke about how the information security of GosOblak is organize . The volume of traffic in the Russian segment over the past year has grown by about % Sofya Khudyakova head of the product analytics department at Solar Dozor began her speech Rostelecom-Solar. % of that traffic is TikTok social meia and cats she says. And information security services nee to do so in such a way as to protect the remaining % of useful information that is critically.

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