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Analyze the data

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To be able to intercept people’s needs, it is necessary to be able to respond to their nes . It therefore becomes essential to start from an analysis phase , which can be carri out both through the use of tools, such as interviews and questionnaires, and through Analytics and the analysis of conversations within social media. A very important source of data is the experience of the commercial team: being in daily contact with buyers and potential buyers allows us to gather information regarding the nes and requirements of the subjects to whom marketing activities will be direct.

Checking the solutions offered

After the analysis, the time comes to ground the information gather. re-adapt and re-process it according to a precise scheme. The metrics that will be examine generally concern 3 topics: solutions offer. corporate target and reference figures.

Before thinking about who the buyer person to offer USA Phone Number List your product to could be, you ne to think about the solutions that you will be offering. Each of them could in fact have a very distinct reference subject. It will be necessary to carefully analyze what are the specific functions of the solution to be propos.

such as the characteristics that differentiate it from the others on the market and what are the competitors who act in the same scenario in which the company operates.

Choosing the company target

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In a second step we proceed with the analysis of the companies potentially in target with the propose solution. The sector, the company size, the turnover, the geographical Business Lead position and any special needs, such as for example some obligations related to legal regulations, will be taken into consideration. The goal is to establish which companies are more attractive , dividing them into subgroups bas on sector and/or size. This will allow for the development of different methods of engagement , both in terms of the tools us and the time horizon for the start and end of each campaign.


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