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To categories of system software and categories

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Increased due to the sanctions events and is currently growing dynamically. In the light of new sanctions. Of course over the years the characteristics of these projects have changed. Firstly under the influence of environmental factors and secondly in the light of the. Accumulation of project experience building cpetencies approaches and practices. Environmental factors include the position of Western vendors regulations and incentives from government regulators. Internal factors include a decrease in the exclusivity of import substitution projects the emergence of domestic vendors and standard boxed solutions.

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All this made it possible to reduce the cost of development costs in absolute units and also created. Opportunities for customers to choose the developments of those vendors that are most effectively suited to solving their problems. T Group Product and Technology Anhui Mobile Phone Number List Director Alexander Rozhkov: A few years ago large projects for the transition to domestic solutions were observed mainly in the public sector. At that time the domestic stack was small. Many projects were launched against the backdrop of regulatory pressure due to the risk of blocking there were centralized purchases of.

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Office and anti-virus software software for budget accounting in federal executive authorities. The main distinguishing feature of projects for the transition to domestic analogues until was their patchwork due to objective reasons – insufficient maturity and competitiveness Business Lead of individual domestic products lack of information on the compatibility of Russian software and equipment lack of independent research on load testing of products high replacement costs etc. Naumen research showed that until % of companies preferred to purchase. Software directly from vendors bypassing integrators and consultants If the necessary.

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