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For the integration of a safe and painless

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A hardware or software manufacturer can certainly help but their resources are orders of magnitude lower than those of foreign manufacturers. So the customer runs the risk of being left alone with the product. Yes Russian software and equipment are not perfect compared to the same American ones but you can make them work. And it is better to do this through partners such as INLINE Technologies who of course not selfishly will sort out what the customer. Has help determine what he needs and implement it. So today If in large strokes the algorithm for preparing import substitution.  Projects is as follows: examination – acquaintance with the functionality of the product – testing – implementation.

Not to be afraid of switching to Russian

I will add to this that the integrator will help to carry out load testing. Of the imported system in the combat.  Infrastructure and after analyzing its results put it into commercial operation. Dmitry Pudov (NGR Softlab): Now many . Companies have a need Conduit CN to rethink their project portfolio. Qualitative study of the project before its start is the key to the success of its subsequent implementation. Another obvious advice – do not neglect the services of professionals. If your own expertise is not enough connect an external one (represented by a vendor integrator) – this will help to avoid most problems.

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Products and solutions. Competence quality

Evgeni Osmania (RDTEH): Largely due to financial difficulties market players take a cautious position regarding the launch of large import substitution projects trying to optimize this activity as much as possible. At the same time some companies hope for the return Business Lead of vendors others are actively studying the experience of import substitution in order to choose solutions. Tested by other companies and reliable suppliers and still others are evaluating the prospects for the development of their own IT departments. But everyone strives to minimize possible problems and risks associated with import substitution.

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