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App for Scheduling Instagram Stories

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Use social trends to spread your message. Don’t be afraid to hop on social media trends, especially if you’re on tiktok. Dr. Phabinly gabriel, for example, used a trending audio to tell his story while using the blackdoctors hashtag to show his advocacy for awareness of black folks in the medical industry.

Dr. Gabriel’s feed is full of fun tiktok trends, inspirational messages, and tons of day-in-the-life content that brings his audience along with him. Create content that gives your audience value. Doctor muneer shah is a dermatologist who goes by the moniker doctorly on instagram.

On social media, he debunks skin care myths, gives his audience interesting facts and insights about products, and shares some grossly fascinating pimple-popping videos.

Schedule Your Instagram Story

You can emulate doctor’s successful strategy by keeping one thing in mind: give your audience value. And if you really want to knock their socks off, pair your value-driven posts with some kind of shocking visual. Like the swollen lips above or the pimple extraction videos we mentioned but won’t show for obvious reasons.

People love stories. A narrative with a human business email list face and emotion, driven by plot or character, will always grab your audience. Kevin pho’s the podcast by kevin gives physicians, advanced practitioners, nurses, medical students, and patients a platform to share their insights and tell their stories.

He can reach a massive audience online, uncover aspects of the healthcare industry.

Pick a Date and Time to Post

Spread a message far and wide. You can steal this strategy by sharing stories from your colleagues, patients with permission, or even your own experience. Try to find and highlight the humanity at the center of your posts.

If you’re discussing a diagnosis, for Business Lead example, give some background on how it may affect someone’s life. Get your audience to put their grandmother, child, leading social media management platform.
The growing suite of apps for instagrams stories means the potential for creativity is endless.

And while the content may be temporary, their impact isn’t. Instagram stories offer social media marketers a golden opportunity to reach and engage with the more than half a billion users who watch stories every day.

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