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Head of Consulting and Audit Department of Angara Security Alexander Khonin on standardization in IT Standardization is by default an important process as it allows you to regulate the rules of the game. We see that many new documents regarding information security have been release lately. Given the growing role of information security this is good news. The formation of new IT standards is primarily influence by existing ones – now they are being revise since many things are already outdate. Also general trends in information security cannot be dismisse – standards are being develope including in areas that are becoming the most in demand.

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As for the world experience here it is worth recognizing that the quality of foreign documents is very worthy and of course they should be guide by. We are members of several IS committees. In addition due to the specifics of our work (many projects in different Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List industries and as a result a large amount of accumulate expertise) we have an understanding of what the industry lacks and how we can change the overall situation in information security in our country for the better.

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Following the trail Bank customers are being le away to mobile versions of fraud The removal of mobile applications of sanctione Russian banks from Google Play Pasture and Appealer cause a wave of fraud. Experts emphasize that the most secure option that works on Android is to download the application directly from the bank’s website but in this case the client Business Lead nees to be very careful. The web versions of the applications that can be an alternative do not provide full functionality. Sanctione Russian banks facing the removal of their apps from Google Play Huawei’s AppStore and AppGallery have begun to create alternatives. Android OS users can download applications from the official websites of banks in the case of iOS you can use the.