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Approach on the site cased Goals and objective

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Head of Internet Marketing at the Domovoy store. How to get more than 500% ROI using automated email communication: Domovoy case “Triggered emails are one of the most effective marketing tools that allow you to unobtrusively establish communication with customers. A campaign can be set up once, so that emails will be sent again and again to buyers, motivating them to take an action on the site. We are glad that we helped the Domovoy store to establish continuous contact with its audience,” Anastasia, Retail Rocket manager. How to ensure ROI of 15,000% through a personal approach on the site: case “7 seeds” 02 Apr 2021 Intro 7 seeds A rich, dynamically updated.

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Catalog is not only the advantage of a wide choice for the client, but also a long search for the right product. How to help the buyer navigate in a large assortment so that he does not leave the site, tired of looking for the right position? We will tell you how to grow a profitable Thailand Mobile Number List business by facilitating the customer’s Customer Journey with the help of personal recommendations in the online store. All the details in our new case “7 seeds”. Figures and facts “7 seeds” is an online store of goods for the garden and vegetable garden with a 5year history.

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To date  the company’s product range includes more than 15,000 products, including lawn grasses, seeds, gardening equipment, inventory and other proposals for the garden. Main objective: To provide a high level of service by offering each customer an Business Lead individual version of the site with product recommendations that meet their interests and needs. Solution: Develop and implement a smart merchandising strategy on the website of an online store in order to personalize product offers based on the preferences of each client. results How to ensure ROI of 15,000% through a personal.

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