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For negotiations with Western specialists about moving to Russia but now this is out of the question. Counter attack The current situation in information security has prompted both the state and business to urgently build up capacities that can protect them from threats. So from the use of foreign information security tools will be completely prohibited and departments began to increase procurement costs in the IT sector: from February to April the volume of such tenders grew by in units and in money exceeding billion rub. Such data was provided by representatives of the RTStender trading platform at the end of April.

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A significant part of the purchases fell on the completion of information systems and strengthening their protection. The cost of cybersecurity for operators of serious information systems will need to be doubled per year. Investments in the latest approaches to cybersecurity will Latvia Mobile Number List create another superprofitable industry in IT in the future which is essential for strengthening the digital sovereignty of any country said Laurent Hakobyan CEO of iPavlov. In terms of information security tools Russia has already formed its own competitive product portfolio recalls Stanislav Fesenko. And business will have to find a balance between costs and the level of security in the new realities.

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Changes also occurred at the legislative level: on May the President signed Decree No. On additional measures to ensure the information security of the Russian Federation which in particular obliges enterprises with state participation and strategically significant companies to appoint deputy heads of information security and create a special department responsible Business Lead for information security . The matter will not be limited to the decree: in its development Vladimir Putin proposed on May that the members of the Security Council of the Russian Federation discuss the draft Fundamentals of State Policy in the field of ensuring the security.

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