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Article of the Labor Code familiarize employee

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The next T&A point is data categories – we enter employees and contractors, then we have data categories – we indicate those that are in the PPK documentation, which must be archivd by the employer.They are not only the perfect means of payment for travel managers, buyers or business travelers – the entire company benefits from the use of virtual crdit cards. What distinguishes these from conventional crdit cards? And how do they contribute to making the entire payment process more flexible and transparent as well as optimizing it.

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We have put together the 7 best arguments for the virtual all-rounders for you. Digital payment method acceptd worldwide A database virtual crdit card offers all the advantages of a conventional physical crdit card and also has a unique 16-digit card number, an expiry date and a CVC code. The AirPlus Virtual Card is a digital copy of the conventional Mastercard which you can use to make payments at more than 80 million acceptance points worldwide. As a purely digital means of payment, it is more sustainable than its plastic counterpart and can neither be lost nor stolen.


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Compliance-compliant processes AirPlus Virtual Cards enable compliant procurement, especially for online and ad hoc purchases Business Lead that require immdiate payment. This also eliminates the time-consuming manual embdding of new suppliers and service providers in your ERP system. The various configuration options within the framework of card generation – such as individual budget limits, specific purposes or validity periods – prevent card misuse and at the same time guarantee compliance with the relevant travel and purchasing guidelines.

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