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The next covid restrictions are being lifted

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Strategies on desktop and mobile: Eldorado case. Our network is successfully developing the ONE Retail model by offering. A seamless experience to offline and online shoppers. We regularly look for opportunities to grow key indicators in the online direction. Which is effectively supported by the retail network. This year, the monthly traffic of our site. Has increased one and a half times, and the share of site visits from mobile devices has reached 60%. One of the growth points for online development is recommendations in the mobile version of the site.

There are more opportunities for planning trips

Thanks to Retail Rocket solutions, our customers can make purchases as comfortably as possible on any device, while we know exactly what products and when Israel Mobile Number List to offer them,” Zoya Kaigorodova, Head of the Eldorado e-commerce department. Why it is important to use different merchandising strategies on desktop and mobile: Eldorado case “We have been cooperating with Eldorado for a long time, and despite the active development of this company, we find more and more new points of growth in business indicators. Our technical capabilities allow us to create a seamless shopping experience using customer data, no matter what device they are shopping on.

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Events for the upcoming holidays

This approach opens up new opportunities for business development and increasing customer loyalty,” Tatyana, Retail Rocket manager. A series of fraudulent attacks is approaching Russian tourists Information security specialist Business Lead Vurasko: new fraudulent rental sites will appear on the May weekend They expect many fake sites selling air and train tickets as well as services for booking accommodation to appear on the eve and during the holidays. What makes special in this regard is the lifting of quarantine restrictions and the departure from Russia of such proven companies as Airbnb and Booking. On all sails Long weekends whether it’s the New Year holidays or the May holidays increase the activity of cybercriminals.

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