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Best Actress in a Supporting Role award

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The worst thing you can do with your own sales page is that when customers meet you for the first time, they have to say that the image they have of you doesn’t match what they’ve read . Those people who are attracted to your style will become customers. Only you can be you. How do you fix this? Define your own Tone of Voice and edit the sales text to suit it. Make sure that the same style is also visible in the company blog, newsletters and social media. 5 |  don’t want information. They want to see what kind of change your product or service will make. Dry sales text puts people to sleep. And believe me, I have made this mistake many times .

The text is too boring People

If you’ve ever thought that you can’t read long sales pages, it’s probably because the sales page is too boring. But how do special data you overcome boredom? With stories . How do you fix this? Add small stories here and there suitable for the sales page. I can promise that I have made every single one of these mistakes, and the number of mistakes is much longer in my case. Fortunately, you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did and I’m happy to share these with you so you can avoid these pointless pitfalls. on the sales page (and how to fix them quickly). What kind of thoughts does this post evoke in you? Psst…. Pin the post to Pinterest Writing a sales page – This is how you design and write a sales page For making online courses / e-books | 0 Comments | Tiia Konttinen This can also be shared.

Now you know 5 unnecessary mistakes

 like HBO’s theme songs 37 SHARES Facebook 36 Twitter Pinterest 1 LinkedIn Writing a sales page – This is how you design and write a sales page. Raise your Business Lead  hand if you’ve written a sales page out of the blue (*raises hand*). I admit, I’ve done this myself. And the results have been like that. It’s not that there haven’t been results, although the purchases have been more individual and obtained with great effort than automatic. I also made this mistake many times myself: I wrote the sales page last. The only problem is that often that sales page is not the best possible logical continuation of all marketing, sales and launch materials. That’s why I recommend that the sales page is always the first thing written – or updated – before any other material is written. 

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