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Blog posts and lead nurturing

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Leads are not necessarily interest in the company, rather they are concern with finding solutions to their problems. A curated blog that is constantly updated and offers quality content can be consider a magnet for attracting contacts and educating them throughout the buyer’s journey. It needs all of these plus one: it needs to grab attention quickly. Very quickly.   According to the research institute Statistic Brain , the average attention of a person on a piece of content is 8 seconds and we are able to process only 28% of the words on a web page.  

Social Media for lead nurturing

Opportunity to improve nurturing . Having an active presence on various social channels allows you to communicate directly with potential customers India Phone Number List  and better understand what information is of interest to them. Some software are also able to monitor activity on social networks based on keywords related to their initiatives and receive notifications in real time, so as to be able to offer a timely response.

All of this only works if, in addition to a valid strategy, its execution, the supervision of the various channels and data analysis, the content is designed in an ideal way according to who must read it and the stage of the journey in which it is located.  

Social media is also a great

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The teaching is clear: we can provide the best content in the world, address it perfectly to the buyer persona, introduce new elements and data, but if we don’t design it correctly, we will never get the attention our efforts deserve. Worse: maybe some Business Lead competitor will make them himself and “redesign” them effectively. Beyond the damage the mockery.  

Give it a try. Visit a landing page, read a newsletter, download a white paper, or even better step into the home page of a B2B company . How many times does it take minutes before you understand what it does ? Too many.   

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