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Lead Generation to Help You Build a Wealth

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Whole of February – and the power of these attacks also increase. Back in the number of attacks on software vendors (including complex attacks on software supply chains) increase almost . times compare to pressure on public sector organizations law enforcement agencies and educational institutions increase. Individual employees of organizations are also more likely to become victims of fraud. Cyber ​​attacks through extensions and plug-ins have become more frequent built into Internet browsers – through them attackers can gain access to corporate data of organizations and personal data of employees.

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The situation is aggravate by the fact that in response to the armed actions of Russian troops in Ukraine business on the Russian market was suspended by many foreign information security vendors: Avant ESET Fortinet Palo Alto and others as Malaysia Phone Number List well as large IT vendors that have popular solutions in their portfolio for information security – for example Cisco and Micro Focus. Complete solution Angara Security Under the current conditions companies often have to change approaches to building information security systems look for new solutions (including import-independent ones) and organize a truly layere defense. Angara Security which has been providing comprehensive information security services under a single brand since February was recognize as one of the fastest growing companies in Russia in.

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The company’s partners are more than vendors including a wide range of Russian IT and information security companies. Angara Security implements projects for customers from various industries – the public sector the banking industry telecom retail and industry. The company has accumulate expertise in all key areas of information security – from consulting to Business Lead commercial SOC. At a recent webinar Angara Security experts share their assessments of the prospects for the Russian IT industry in the face of sanctions risks and tips for protecting corporate information infrastructure. In particular the founder and CEO of the company Sergey SherstobitovCEO confirmed that in recent years competitive domestic products have appeare on the Russian information security market in the vast majority of areas.

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