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Business fleet management: GPS-Trace

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The business solutions are diverse and meet the interests and needs of a wide range of clients and users.  Therefore, this includes individuals using apps to track their car, bike or boat, as well as their pet or pets. In some cases, our apps also make life easier for people caring for older relatives or children . Therefore, in addition, we have solutions specifically designed for businesses selling trackers and tracking systems. As well as monitoring large fleets such as taxis, delivery services, car rentals, farms, etc. Therefore, the same time, the ruhavik application with a paid subscription, which allows you to track more than one object, is used by about 25,000 users.

First is the Partner Panel , a unique

Business fleet more than 2,000 trackers are used in accounts with Consumer Mobile Number Database a premium30 subscription, almost 3,000 with a premium20 subscription, and almost 6,000 with a premium10 subscription. In addition, some business users have already switched over and are using the recently released forguard to build their business. Therefore, today we want to take a closer look at our business solutions that provide capabilities for tracking large fleets of partners and users. First is the partner panel , a unique business tool that allows our partners to easily create and manage their own accounts or accounts for their clients. 

Quick transition between Forguard accounts

Through the partner panel, partners can use any of our solutions. Therefore, ruhavik, petovik or forguard. All professionals Business Lead using the partner panel also have the opportunity to appear on our partner map . This is an application focused on personal monitoring, and mainly partners involved in installing trackers offer it as an additional service to their clients. As a result, customers receive not only an installed and configured tracker, but also an intuitive. Feature-rich application that allows them to monitor . Therefore, the tracker in real time, set security zones, get statistics and much more. The maximum number of objects in one ruhavik account with a paid subscription is 30 objects. 

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