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Business Trend: a 3-step method 

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Therefore, since we are not soothsayers or smoke sellers, to understand which business trend is advantageous to focus on or invest in to grow and develop a company, it is advisable to apply a concrete method based on three fundamental steps :  Pay attention when the little voice in your head goes, “Huh… That’s weird…” . If your primary goal is to “sight” something of interest, first you need to know which direction to look

Is this number of people currently growing or decreasing

Do these people experience this need as a ” manifest need “, that is, do they complain about it because they are unable to satisfy it, or is it a ” latent need ” of which they Algeria Phone Number List are not yet fully aware?  If their need is still in the latent stage.

 can I do something to make it manifest ?  As a result of the answers to the previous questions, are these people spending money or are they willing to spend money to solve this problem?   How much of their capital would they be willing to invest to solve that need?  

 Ideating  Ideation

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The third step is to transform insights into actionable business ideas . Be careful, however, because the idea alone, even if subjected to the control operations of the previous phase, is not enough, you also need to be in a position to know how to implement it in a reasonable time or in any case predictable and compatible with the business needs Business Lead of your company . Here are some strategies to move effectively:  Look at recent funding : in your sector or in related sectors, are there companies or organizations that are obtaining substantial funding (even in the form of venture capital )? Analyzing the reasons why they obtained this funding, is there anything you can draw inspiration from , re-adapting it with reference to your context and your playing field.


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