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 Before you go shopping for a new program, it is important to understand which elements on the sales page are the ones that the program should implement. In this post, I will go through the different options between different programs and at the end I will give my opinion on which program you should choose. use to create a sales page? When starting to create a sales page, one of the most important things is that you can remove the top and bottom navigations (header / footer). The purpose of the sales page is only to get the reader to buy, so all other links to the rest of the site, such as the blog, email list or feedback, take attention away from the actual goal.

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Only in the case that the sales page is really long, it makes sense to make a top navigation with anchor links to special data different points on the sales page. sales page Own homepage theme The easiest and simplest way to make a sales page – and of course the cheapest – is to use the theme of your own homepage or blog. For example, I myself use the Beaver Builder theme, which already has various ready-to-use page templates. I can just choose a suitable page template and customize it to suit my brand. Which program should you use to create a sales page Beaver Builder  the theme or the pages created through the theme are also good because you can choose the default page template yourself, i.e.

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. The more you use LeadPages, the cheaper it gets, costing around 1.22 euros per day. Read more about LeadPages in these posts: How Business Lead do you get people to join your email list? Appreciate your reader – make him a sign-up gift (LEAD MAGNET) that is really useful for him TOP 5 ways to get more newsletter readers The easiest tool to get more newsletter subscribers Here’s how to build a marketing automation opt-in process yourself 70% more newsletter subscribers Inexpensive websites for entrepreneurs starting in 3 hours LeadPages Canva Through Canva you can build simple sites that are published under the Canva domain.

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