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Lead Conversion Can Be Fun

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You can enrich this segment with additional parameters: I would single out LTV, segment size and monthly revenue generated by this segment,” Anton Belchikov, Marketing Director Identification of customers in the loss zone This data became the starting point for the next stage – finding out the reasons for the outflow. Stage 2. We find out the reasons for the outflow Most companies know a rough list of reasons why customers leave them. But the surest way to find out why a customer stopped buying is to ask him. This is exactly what the online store did. With the help of the Clientomania company , a questionnaire was compiled to understand the reasons for leaving and conducted telephone interviews.

The Lead Capture Page – Six Key Elements

The questionnaire included several key questions: Why did you leave, where and why is it better there? How do you rate your shopping experience at and why? If the problem that caused you to leave is resolved, how likely is it that you will return? How to understand why customers leave and reduce their churn using a system analysis of customer Croatia Mobile Number List data: Petshop case “For ourselves, we decided that 200 interviewed customers would be enough to form accurate hypotheses why customers leave. By the way, customers reacted normally to the survey, and there were very few “ empty” calls,” Anton Belchikov.

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Four Top Ameriplan Leads Generating Strategies

Marketing Director of The survey was conducted on two segments of departed customers: loyal ones, who were identified at the first stage, and new customers, in order to understand why they did not want to return. According to the results Business Lead of the survey, we identified the TOP-5 reasons for the outflow, which could already be worked with. But in order to expand the sample and get more relevant results, we decided to conduct an email survey, and sent an SMS with a link to the questionnaire to those who did not open the email. As a result, the percentage values ??of each item and the order of priorities have changed.

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