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Security service which allows you to check how

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A Soft-liner Company According to him the danger may lie in the fact that users will start downloading applications not from the official websites of banks but from external. Resources like the Top Android Applications. Unofficial file hosting services will also appear on which it will allegely be possible to download a fully functioning banking application. Alexander Dvoryansky director of special projects at Angara Security believes: When downloading the. User compromises his data or receives a malicious file on the device. Adaptation of web versions of electronic banks to mobile devices will also not be a full-fledge answer to application blocking.

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Web applications rely on browser resources and are limite in access to the hardware component of the phone said Ilya Krupnov head. Of the re_mad_robot web development department. Because of this according to him banks will not be able to recreate some of the List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu  functions in the web version and the user experience will be acceptable but different from the experience in applications. Apple and Google may also limit the ability of sub-sanctione banks to send push notifications through already installe applications says Pavel Golub co-founder of mobile app.

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Development company arcsinus: Banks will have to inform customers about account transactions exclusively via SMS which is more expensive than sending push. In his opinion banks can recreate the functionality of applications in web versions of personal accounts but it will not be possible to achieve identical work.How to stop selling fear and get funds for Business Lead information security By and large the requirements for compliance with. Information security measures slow down the business and lead to additional costs. However the losses from the actions of cybercriminals can be so serious that companies are force to allocate more and more funds for information security. But are all cybersecurity costs justifie? How to find the optimal balance between security and business interests? Participants.

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