Content design in B2B and the concept of quality 

Once you have spent (a lot) time creating a long-form or a pillar , complete with a search for data and information, why not enhance it by offering it in different, suitably rearrange formats?  Continuing with strategic recycling , the publication Content design in of individual articles on the web is follow by constant monitoring of KPIs such as traffic, reading time, bounce rate, etc. Once we have identify the topics that most interest our target , why not organize an event (perhaps online) on the topic?  

If there is a strategic vision

Today, then, the explosion of artificial intelligence and automation mean that even formats that in themselves require high professionalism and are Hong Kong Phone Number List traditionally very expensive (think of videos or podcasts) can be creat with limit effort . , single content therefore opens up not only multi-channel possibilities , which are already adopt by the vast majority of companies, but also multi-format ones , to capture emerging trends in the use of content . The examples of videos and podcasts are eloquent and current. 

Naturally, the answer is the mix

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In a world where both consumers and professionals are exposed to a ceaseless flow of information, attention span has plummeted to the ground.  

The concept of quality content , while remaining central, is no longer sufficient to capture the attention of one’s audience. Because even in B2B there are Business Lead competitors who do the same thing, who provide a similar service, who provide Content design in consultancy with the same purpose and so on. And then, what does quality mean ? Unpublished content, with information that does not exist elsewhere? A content structured to provide answers to real problems? well written and pleasant to read paper ? 



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